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Plan A & Plan B | We Are Prepared

No matter how prepared you are in the construction industry, if you do not have the ability to easily incorporate a Plan A & B, you will generally have surprises both good and bad!

Patriot Pavement Maintenance  has had the blessing and misfortune to be in a variety of situations where we understand the limitations as well as practical expectations of working on surfaces where people walk, drive on and land on every day. When you invite us to a project, we will share a similar experience and results from many of the clients you can see below.

We will always be prepared with a Plan A & Plan B no matter the situation. The way we scope, prepare and present work enables us to to provide a simple installation with almost no surprises. We look forward to sharing detailed project with you when we meet or present you with a proposal.


"With the plan they provided, we were able to get more than 2,000 homeowners on the same page immediately. With the execution, they made this AMAZING...thanks!"

-HOA Association