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An Alternative to the Banned Coal Tar Pavement Sealers Used for 30+ Years

It took many years to ban very hazardous materials throughout the USA.  It usually starts with one small community and then grows very quickly while throughout the process both sides present their findings as to why they are right!

We are experts in preserving, protecting and beautifying your asphalt surfaces.  We are not scientists, however we can share that many significant legislation recently has banned the use of the most widely applied pavement sealers, Coal Tar Sealer aka Refined Tar Sealers.  The video to the right will share facts and information on pavement coatings. Please share our site with with your school administrators, homeowner associations, park districts and communities. Contact us for specifications, MSDS Sheets and a simple alternative to Sealcoating with Coal Tar Pavement Sealers Today!

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Studies & Results of Coal Tar/Refined Tar Issues:

Winnetka Council Approves Coal Tar Ban Aug 2014′

US Geological Survey

USA Today Article

Minnesota Pollution Control

Chicago Tribune

Driveway Making You Sick Investigation

Huffington Post

South Carolina Coal Tar Ban

We Have Solutions with our EcoFriendly Sealers.  Please contact us today so that we can help you with the process. Please Contact Us Today for any needs you may have.

Sealcoating in Chicago Made Simple & Environmentally Friendly

Sealcoating will protect, beautify and make it safer for people with a well defined parking lot and roadway system. There are all types of products, views and confusion as to what is the best, longest lasting, most effective way to sealcoat.

For us to give you all the answers now, would only help our competition. We welcome you to challenge us with any question, suggestion or project and we will demonstrate to you how Patriot Pavement Maintenance will make this a simple process.

The devil is in the details for sealcoating. How you clean, what products you use and where, curing and mix design all contribute to an excellent end result.  Is being environmentally friendly important to you and the people who walk, play and drive on the asphalt surfaces?

Patriot Pavement Maintenance  will immediately demonstrate why using our firm will provide the best sealcoating pavement project for the least amount of hassle and cost!

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